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What prospect for Regional Governments?

by Raffaele Cattaneo President of the Lombardy Regional Council and President of CALRE


The principle of subsidiarity

The principle of subsidiarity has its roots in the assumption that society, with its creativity and capacity for initiative, is born and comes before State. So it is not permissible that Institutions with a higher status will replace Institutions with a lower status, such as local communities, if the latter can better carry out their functions meeting the needs of their communities.

Circular Economy

Circular economy systems keep the added value in products for as long as possible and eliminates waste. They keep resources within the economy when a product has reached the end of its life, so that they can be productively used again and again and hence create...

The Principle of Multi-level Governance

Defined as “the coordinated institutional action by the European Union, the Member States and local and regional authorities, based on partnership and aimed at drawing up and implementing EU policies”, the Multi-level Governance has been used to try to provide a...